DoubleDutch Employee Volunteer Programs & Philanthropy

Giving Back

DoubleDutch employees are encouraged to give back to the community in a way that is creative, meaningful and impactful.

Community Manifesto

We live where we work. We refuse to turn inward, and commit to participating with gusto in the vibrant community around us. We share our time, resources, and collective imagination to advance causes that support and enrich our community.

Partner Organizations

  • Technovation
    DoubleDutch teamed up with Immaculate Conception Academy in San Francisco’s Mission District to support Technovation, a technology entrepreneurship program and competition for young women. Through an intensive 3-month, 50-hour curriculum, teams of young women work together to imagine, design, and develop mobile apps, then pitch their “startup” businesses to investors.

  • Food Runners
    Food Runners is a volunteer organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in San Francisco. DoubleDutch donates to Food Runners 2–3 times per week and their team delivers it directly to neighborhood food programs that feed the hungry.

  • Mission Graduates
    Mission Graduates is a nonprofit organization that increases the number of K–12 students in San Francisco’s Mission District who are prepared for and complete a college education. DoubleDutch has helped raise money and awareness for their organization in a variety of ways, including their Food for Thought campaign.

  • Animal Care and Control
    The San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control is committed to the delivery of effective, courteous, and responsive animal care and control services to the residents of San Francisco. DoubleDutch employees volunteer on a monthly basis to provide love and care to animals in need.

  • SF-Marin Food Bank
    DoubleDutch sends teams of employees to gather, sort, and pack food donations that come through the doors of the SF-Marin Food Bank, in an effort to alleviate hunger in the Bay Area.

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