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Content Management System

Easily manage your content and gain valuable insights from your mobile event app.

cms for events by DoubleDutch


All important events! Running an event without a Content Management System would be like driving at night without your lights on.

Upload and Manage Content Easily

Event planners have too many items on their to-do lists already, so we made sure that our CMS is easy and painless to use. The DoubleDutch CMS allows you to easily upload Excel files with all of the information you need in your app. Changes are easy to make and update in the app within moments.

React to Attendees in Real Time

Throughout your event, valuable information about attendees’ whereabouts, interests and sentiments is collected. The DoubleDutch CMS allows organizers to see this information in real time and make any necessary adjustments to the event. This could mean adjusting a room size if many attendees are bookmarking a particular session, or sending a push notification with agenda changes.

Insights to Help You Better Plan

After your event, the DoubleDutch CMS will issue a post-event engagement report which will provide you with important insights. This report covers the information that will be most helpful in your evaluation of the success of your event and in the planning for future events, including most (and least) popular sessions, influential attendees, and general app engagement.

content management system for conference from DoubleDutch
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