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Increase Attendee Engagement with Mobile

World of Business Innovation (WOBI) set out to build a community at their World Innovation Forum (WIFNY), held in New York in 2013. Top business leaders across a number of industries came from around the world to discuss how to implement sustainable business strategies for social good as well as profit.


Attendees Are Distracted by Smartphones

WIFNY 2013

As the adoption of smartphones across America passes 56% in 2013 (Pew Internet), event producers have noticed attendees glued to their devices during sessions and keynotes. It's clear that this tech-savvy audience views their mobile device as a critical way to connect with the world.

Leveraging this mobile addiction, WOBI set out to work with attendees, not against them. They asked themselves, "How can we better engage attendees and enhance their experience through mobile?" and "How can we develop a conversation around the event that builds connections between guests, exhibitors and speakers?" WOBI saw that DoubleDutch could answer these questions, and were compelled to learn more.

"DoubleDutch offered the best technology to build a customized event app for the World Innovation Forum by far, with gamification elements that encouraged social interaction and an easy-to-use portal for us to update ever-changing event content and analyze buzz in real time."

—Angel Gesualdo, Event Manager, WOBI


DoubleDutch: The Truly Engaging Event Experience

After checking out a number of other vendors, WOBI felt that DoubleDutch not only offered the most compelling user interface and design, but also delivered robust social features for attendees and analytics for exhibitors. The primary features that mattered most to engagement at WIFNY were gamification, in-app networking, and social media integration.

Event App Gamification


Game mechanics, such as badges and leaderboards, encouraged check-ins, comments, photos, and other social interactions throughout the event.

Event App In-App Networking

In-App Networking

To facilitate networking, the app utilized “People Matching”, where attendees select interest tags to connect with like-minded attendees.

"We were surprised how busy the app activity feed became before, during and after the event. Attendees were rewarded with leaderboard status and badges for everything from rating sessions to checking into exhibitors’ booths. This fostered a healthy competitive spirit among guests that benefited our sponsors who were also huge fans of the app."

—Angel Gesualdo, Event Manager, WOBI


Elated Attendees and Thrilled Exhibitors

During and after the event, DoubleDutch gave WOBI insight into what speakers were trending, who the most engaged guests were, and what exhibitors were most popular with app users.

With 99,714 total in-app actions with an average of 230.39 per user, the engagement with the World Innovation Forum app was incredible. Attendees used the app to connect with each other, set up meetings, and provide feedback by completing over 700 surveys and making over 1,300 check-ins.

Top Actions
Bookmarks Checkins Comments Likes
  • 747 surveys
  • 119 photos
  • 206 ratings

Android Event Apps

"We used two areas of the app to measure the speaker satisfaction of our attendees. One was through the platform's survey microapp where attendees were able to give each speaker a rating of 1–5 and also leave general feedback about the speaker if they wished to. The other was through the app's star rating, where attendees could give speakers anywhere from 1 to 5 stars depending on how satisfied they were with their presentation. This gave us a good sense on whether we should bring a speaker back or not, if their presentation was interesting and if the topic discussed was relevant enough to our attendees."

—Angel Gesualdo, Event Manager, WOBI

Gaining Insight

Organizers gained valuable insights about their speakers and activities—for example, Daniel Pink and Mauro Porcini were extremely popular speakers, and Funnybone Toys, Mental Floss and Insigniam garnered a ton of exposure in the app, aided by booth check-in badges.

Top Speakers


Top Exhibitors


Thanks to DoubleDutch, WOBI was able to:


Connect with influential peers in a focused social network of attendees.


Provide additional sponsorship revenue and encourage interaction with exhibitors.


Increase attendee engagement, capture that engagement data in one place, and use that data to optimize future events.

"This is a very useful tool, brings our events to a higher level. Makes WOBI stand head-and-shoulders above its event competitors!"

—Gabriele C., Entrepreneur and Writer, WOBI

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