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How SAP Uses Mobile to Maximize Revenue from Events

SAP Forum, Customer & Prospect Event App


SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software, and they attend and produce many events across the world. 60% of their revenue globally comes about as a direct result of their proprietary events. SAP partnered with DoubleDutch with one goal: to uncover even more value from their events. Specifically, they wanted the ability to tell salespeople which attendees are interested in which products and to what degree... all based on event app engagement data.

Lausanne and Baden, Switzerland


SAP needed comprehensive data capture technology at important events in Switzerland, and DoubleDutch was the ideal solution. As SAP’s preferred event technology partner, DoubleDutch deployed a branded mobile app for SAP customers and prospects at the SAP Forum in Baden and Lausanne, Switzerland.

In-app surveys

Surveys were an important component to the mobile app, and were used to get real-time feedback on all sessions and speakers. By gathering attendee feedback and taking it to heart, SAP ensured their prospects were happy and receptive to future events, exploring new products, and more.

As attendees engaged with the app during the event, robust app engagement data was compiled. Post-event, SAP was able to see which topics, sessions, and speakers were most influential and well-received. That data was then attached to the lead records in SAP’s CRM (customer relationship management system) to better educate sales representatives on the lead’s interests and stage in the lifecycle.

Exhibitor engagement

“DoubleDutch was able to provide an integrated experience for the events staff and attendees alike. By making the event app a part of our infrastructure, there was a reduction of effort and increase in impact across the board.”
—Marcel Ritschard, SAP Switzerland Ltd.


The day after the event, the event team downloaded the surveys completed within the app, and the app engagement data. After parsing through the data and pulling some custom reports from DoubleDutch’s CMS, they were able to match their sales reps with attendees based on the data that surfaced from the app. The sales reps knew in advance what the prospect was interested in at the conference, which helped to better tailor their conversations and target them with appropriate products and services.


“Thanks to our partnership with DoubleDutch, we were able to empower sales professionals to do what they do best. The app helped sales reps create relationships with the right people, which ultimately resulted in increased overall productivity. Plus, attendees were thrilled with the experience.”
—Dirk Scherble, Head of Marketing, SAP Switzerland Ltd.

Because of this addition, SAP was able to increase closed deals significantly compared to events with no event app. The average deal size of event-sourced leads increased, as well. These results made a monumental impact on event ROI, and raised the bar for future events. SAP has deployed mobile event applications for many events in Switzerland, US, Brazil, and beyond.


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