International Talent Event Amsterdam 2015
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International Talent Event Amsterdam 2015

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The International Talent Event Amsterdam (ITEA) is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam in Business and the city’s higher education institutions, that encourages international students currently living in the metropolitan area to stay and kick-off their career in Amsterdam.

The more than 1,000 attending students met with approximately 40 future employers at a job fair, joined workshops, attended match-making sessions and much more. It was a one day event with the intention to close the information gap on the Dutch labor market and connect students with internationally oriented employers in the region.

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The Entire Event in Your Hands

In a crowded location with so many activities happening simultaneously, the ITEA organizers needed a way to better align communication and organization between the local job market and potential international employees. The DoubleDutch app gave every attendee the possibility to connect to the person they wished to get in touch with.

“The app creates incredible transparency. Attendees can capture every inch of the event from the palm of their hands. The app simply made the event more effective for everyone.” Karoline Moors, Amsterdam Economic Board.”

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Empower Every Attendee

The event kicked-off with a panel discussion, that was transformed into an interactive experience with DoubleDutch and Sendsteps, an integration partner for presentation software. Live voting and question submissions via the app gave attendees the power to steer the discussion, make sense of the opinion of the crowd, and co-create the session with the presenter. Tackling personal or cultural reluctance to openly raise issues in front of a large audience, DoubleDutch helped empower every single attendee and gave a platform for participation.

“The DoubleDutch app made the kick-off session incredibly easy to host. Normally you have to work hard to spur interaction and receive questions from the audience, but submitting questions and answers through the app came purely natural to attendees.” Karoline Moors, Amsterdam Economic Board.”

Stand Out in the Crowd

The DoubleDutch app gave employers a platform with much more reach than walk-by traffic at their booth. Through the activity feed, companies could boost their message and support their employer brand towards all attending students. Likewise, job seekers could put themselves in the spotlight and showcase their experience in a space accessible for all company representatives.

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Using app data to manifest the business case for ITEA

Every workshop, presentation, and session was paired up with an in-app survey, asking attendees to rate the speaker and the overall experience. This information was used to give detailed feedback to the speakers on their performance and to identify topics of interest for future event planning.

“The ITEA2015 event app powered by DoubleDutch is our main platform for attendees and exhibitors. We are using the post event app data to show potential new exhibitors how they can add value by attending next year's career event by showing the quality of conversations and in app user engagement with exhibitors”
—Bjorn van den Berg, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The app’s design encouraged students to share their experiences, rate, and review. The data derived from the app was an enormous contribution to proving the success of the event format to the organizers and settling the business case for ITEA.

Empower your attendees.

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