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The Consumer Healthcare Products Association 2014 Annual Executive Conference
Event app success story

CHPA Annual Executive Conference

Using Big-Screen Visuals to Drive App Downloads and Activity

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The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) 2014 Annual Executive Conference (AEC) brought together 400+ c-suite member executives in the consumer healthcare products industry to discuss trends, opportunities, and challenges affecting their businesses. We chatted with Mary Leonard, ‎Associate Director, Marketing Communications at CHPA to discuss how Game Day, our new event activity visualizer, helped her highlight influential people, showcase event content and boost app engagement.

“To provide an additional level of engagement for attendees, CHPA wanted to launch a mobile application that created an intimate social community for connecting and sharing. This allowed for a more interactive, integrated experience.”
—Mary Leonard, ‎Associate Director of Marketing Communications, CHPA

2014 Annual Executive Conference (AEC)

CHPA chose a DoubleDutch event app because the platform offered the features that met the communication and engagement goals for AEC. “The activity feed allowed for attendees to post photos, comment, like, and send messages to each other all on their mobile phones. In addition, the gamification aspect of the app encouraged greater participation and created a friendly competitive environment for attendees to top the leaderboard,” Mary said.

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Upon hearing about Game Day from the DoubleDutch customer success team, Mary told us she was excited to try it. “I knew the multimedia aspect of Game Day would work well to play on a continuous loop in our high-traffic areas during the conference,” she said. “I also wanted to see how Game Day would showcase the social and competitive aspects of the app in a creative, compelling way.”

The response at the event was extremely positive. Game Day drove word-of-mouth awareness about the app among attendees, which increased engagement. “Attendees were excited to see the app through the big-screen Game Day experience,” Mary raved. “And if they weren’t on the app yet, they immediately downloaded it to see what the buzz was all about.”

A resounding success among exhibitors, speakers, and attendees, "the visual experience of Game Day helped drive further participation and activity on the app throughout the conference,” Mary says. “...attendees enjoyed watching Game Day as a visual summary of current app activity. Several members commented on the leaderboard activity and enjoyed the strategy to top the leaderboard.”

Comments from the AEC survey about the mobile app further confirm the platform’s success:

“Love adding photos and comments. Highly engaging!”

“Awesome app!”

“Very helpful and functioned nicely.”

“Good tool to connect. Will definitely use it (and more) next year if you have it again.

CHPA Executive Conference App Survey Screenshot

Mary highly recommends using DoubleDutch mobile applications to increase the event experience. “If you haven’t played Game Day during your event, its a great way to visualize the core features of your app and showcase your attendees’ engagement through one seamless, real-time video,” she adds. “And it only takes the click of a button to get it running at your event!”

A big thanks goes out to Mary for sitting down with us to chat about Game Day at the CHPA Annual Executive Conference. If you’d like to learn about showcasing event discussions on big screens throughout your next conference, contact us today.

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