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American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council

Using Technology to Create Bonds between Government and Industry

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American Council for Technology (ACT) - Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving government through the application of information technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, ethical and trusted forum where government and industry communicate, collaborate and learn. To support the collaborative, team-based exercises and learning sessions, ACT-IAC wanted to use a mobile app to engage the event’s tech-savvy participants and build more connections between problem solvers.

government conference app by DoubleDutch

More than an Event Guide

ACT-IAC takes an innovative approach to sessions at an event: rather than having traditional sage on a stage speak to a large crowd, ACT-IAC sessions are hands-on problem-solving sessions that ask participants to work together in small groups. Multiple expert speakers are scattered around the room, or at tables, to lead the conversation, share their thoughts and ideas and answer questions.The learning experience is driven primarily by the collaboration between the government and industry attendees themselves.

ACT-IAC had been using a different event app vendor for two years, but they needed a premium, dynamic platform that gave them more than the standard digital event guide.

technology event app by DoubleDutch

“As an event organizer and attendee, I have deployed several mobile apps. Since implementing the DoubleDutch app, we have found that it allows us to provide a positive user experience on multiple levels.”
—Robert Smith, Director of Meetings, ACT-IAC

A Familiar Technology to Build Comfortable Communication

As active users of technology and participants in the IT industry, ACT-IAC event attendees were the perfect audience for a mobile app. As a result, the DoubleDutch app played a huge role in helping attendees start working together faster in a number of ways. “In creating a single app for the association, under which all of the events are listed, we have provided a more robust and dynamic platform for our events and seen a much higher adoption rate by our members,” says Robert Smith, Director of Meetings for ACT-IAC.

By providing a single platform for discussion about the topics and ideas being shared at the conference, the app kept attendees on the same page about trending topics at the event, and allowed them to network outside of sessions and get to know each other better. As an added bonus, the app also provided a powerful source of data for the event organizers, who could track the reactions to sessions and topics in real time and provide feedback for speakers on the fly.

technology event app - ACT-IAC

“I found the content to be very well presented and easy to consume. The new ACTIAC app is great! Loved seeing the posts, pictures and thoughts of others and sharing mine.”
—Mike A., Management of Change 2014 Attendee

Building Communities from the Palm of Your Hand

The DoubleDutch app for ACT-IAC has been a huge success for all four of the organization’s events in 2014. At the recent Management of Change conference, more than 90% of the total attendees downloaded and used the app to build an enormously strong in-event network.

government technology event app by DoubleDutch

“The usage of the app prior to our events has increased 60%. The onsite use of the app has increased by 50%,” Smith reports. “It has also allowed us to gamify all of the actions inside of the activity feed and the surveys, which has led to increased engagement.”

government event app analytics by DoubleDutch

Furthermore, the flexible feature set made it easy for ACT-IAC to creatively use the app to drive interactive digital collaboration—pushing podcasts directly to users’ phones, setting up digital voting for innovative ideas, and providing instant feedback to make sessions more useful and dynamic for participants are just some of the benefits the app has provided. They are currently exploring using the app as a platform for launching the live video streaming of their events.

“The data that we are able to extract is invaluable when analyzing what was happening during our event, and has led us to make improvements with confidence.”
—Robert Smith, Director of Meetings, ACT-IAC

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