Sime & DoubleDutch - The Perfect Digital Match
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Event app success story

SIME & DoubleDutch:
The Perfect Digital Match

There Was Something Missing

For years, Sime has been bringing professionals together to explore digital opportunities that change how we live, work, and play. While Sime aims to inspire their digital-minded audience using dynamic speakers, and a vibrant conference, they felt the event was missing a key component to create deeper social interactions: an event app.

“As you might understand, since we have been around for 20 years, every tech company in the world wants to do apps for us. We choose to work with DoubleDutch and we’re super happy”
— Ola Ahlvarsson, Serial entrepreneur, Sime Owner and Chairman

In addition to the social component of the event, the event team at Sime requires comprehensive analytics to help refine their events strategy over time. Long gone are the days we hang last year’s graphics, and recruit the same speakers. Sime needed trustworthy feedback to help drive impactful event changes and a tool to measure and organize the data.

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Creating Togetherness Through Mobile

Putting on an event is both scary, and exciting. It’s more than just hoping people show up; it’s authentically engaging with attendees, collecting meaningful post-event data, and ensuring people want to come back next year, because hopefully, they had a good time. Sime’s 2015 Stockholm event needed all 2000 attendees to not only connect at the conference, but to feel like a community in between events. The attendee app experience allows for photo and status updates, access to thought-leaders and content, and the ability provide thoughtful feedback to the event marketers. As the head of Sime’s matchmaking program, Jens was able to confirm that DoubleDutch solved the need for digital matchmaking his attendees so crave.

To make the app successful, Sime went above and beyond typical email promotion. Attendees were educated by word of mouth and digital ads displayed on multiple screens and speaker stages. The fun energy that the Sime brand evokes was also infused throughout their promotional pieces, making the app a must-have for event goers.

“DoubleDutch is gamification done right, it’s activity feeds, agenda,’s really the heart of everything, it’s the engine room.”
— Mahesh Kumar, Director Innovation Lab, Epicenter

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A Refined Mobile Experience

Sime needed an easy to use app with gamification features and a powerful feedback mechanism they could use to shape future events. Sime 2015 lit up with over 69,000 in-app interactions by 1,000+ users. In-app activity represented both sentimental analysis and trustworthy feedback on the agenda and speakers that empowered the Sime team to make data-driven decisions about their event. The post event data was valuable enough for Ahlvarsson and other leaders to look at engagement analytics and how people experienced the event to decide what worked and what they can do different in 2016.

NRECA Event App For Networking

“We always want to create an interactive and friendly, candid feeling at our events. We have been so far successful doing that, but we have felt we have missed a good app that could improve this feeling even more. With DoubleDutch, we have found that.”
— Jens Ahlvarsson, Head of Partnerships and Matchmaking, and self-described, wannabe tornado chaser.

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