Testimonials - DoubleDutch


"Event organizers are always looking for new and innovative ways to use technology at their events that has an actual purpose. The new technology we are using today delivers a much more enriched experience."

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Event Technology Awards 2013

"DoubleDutch’s mobile technology revolutionizes the way organizers and attendees socialize, consume information, and market themselves—which is exactly the kind of cutting-edge trends we want to showcase."

David Adler, CEO and Founder of BizBash

"Tablets and smartphones are going to enable people not just to consume business data in new ways, but also to contribute to business data in new ways. DoubleDutch fits into this thesis nicely."

Mike Maples Jr, Venture Capitalist, Founder of Floodgate Fund

"The app is fabulous. Ever since I signed up for the conference I've been using it nonstop—I've made so many professional connections through the app, and have posted updates at every session. As an event professional, this app is one of the easiest I've used... I'd shout about it from the rooftops!"

Kim Fereria, Event Marketing Specialist, Jack Logan Creative

"Paper is just going to go away in [the event] business. The transition over the next couple of years will be massive... there's no reason to go back. It's a massive market that's ripe for transition, and DoubleDutch has the opportunity to play in the leadership position right out of the gate."

Byron Deeter, Bessemer Venture Partners

"With mobile apps, there is absolutely no reason for the giant, antiquated printed directory anymore. A mobile app, like the one we use from DoubleDutch, has a great deal more information, does not require any printing, generates enough sponsorship revenue to pay for itself, and can be updated on-the-fly should rooms or speakers change."

Mike Pennington, President, Georgia Economic Developers Association

"Without question, this is the best event app I've ever seen. It enhances your conference experience. The social aspects of the app are done very well, and participation is naturally encouraged. It’s not just a program guide — it's meant to enhance your overall conference experience. DoubleDutch delivered."

David Kelly, Program Director, The eLearning Guild

"People loved being able to share photos, comment, check-in and make their voices heard. To that end, the social aspect of the app was an amazing tool for our exhibitors. It fostered discussion and allowed them to reach out and dialogue with those who were especially interested in their firm."

Nicole Palmisano, Illinois HomeCare and Hospice Council

"Everyone loved the app. They thought that it was a great addition to the event. The administrative staff was thrilled to have an opportunity to update attendees in real time and we were happy to have an opportunity to be included in the event at such an innovative level."

Deanna Rhodes, Manager of Experiential and Digital Marketing for The Washington Examiner

"This app is great for connecting with colleagues before the event. Thanks for making this happen."

Donna Beccaria, Head of Global R&D Learning Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"This app was great. I want to thank you for the greatest interactive ISM that I've been to in 10 years."

Jamie Owens, Lowe's Sales Professional

"Actionable analytics to understand what your team, customers, etc are doing. I think this is good for any size business."

Mark Evans, Managing Director, Converge Labs