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DoubleDutch’s New Exhibitor Solution Brings the Power of Digital Marketing to the Show Floor

Enables Event Marketers to Better Target Leads, Streamline Lead Retrieval Process and Maximize ROI

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – December 1, 2015 – DoubleDutch, the global leading provider of mobile event apps, today unveiled DoubleDutch for Exhibitors that allows organizers to bring the power of digital marketing to events. This is the industry’s first comprehensive solution for exhibitors that enables them to better target leads with promotional offers, streamline and simplify the lead retrieval process, gain more visibility into the lead history and analytics, and maximize the ROI they get from events.

Today, event organizers are under-serving their exhibitors by not offering them effective means to drive quality booth traffic for that crucial face time with the right buyers. In the meantime, the way exhibitors secure and manage leads is equally manual, inefficient and ineffective.

“The biggest marketing spend in the world, events and conferences, is still funded by the physical world equivalent of flashing banners. Like they did in 1975, exhibitors are still building their booths to the rafters and handing out key chains and pens galore. There is no targeting, no automation, no optimization and no measurement,” said Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch. “DoubleDutch is the first digital advertising network for live events that enables event organizers, exhibitors and attendees to have more efficient processes, create richer experiences, build more purposeful relationships, thereby improving the ROI for all parties involved.”

DoubleDutch for Exhibitors brings the power of digital marketing to the exhibit floor with mobile-enabled:

  • Exhibitor Branding: Allows exhibitors to manage their company profile and upload collateral to support their brand presence.
  • Targeted Offers: Exhibitors can identify the companies they want to target and create promotional offers with tailored messages. This enables them to drive more booth traffic, generate more leads, and spend time talking to the right people. Detailed metrics on the number of attendees interested in the offers allows exhibitors to learn more about their buyers and maximize their ROI. There is no longer a need to rely on booth location to drive traffic, and the attendees can find relevant exhibitors more easily.
  • Lead Retrieval: Exhibitors can say goodbye to lead scanning devices. Instead, an unlimited number of booth staff can scan as well as qualify leads from anywhere using their mobile phone. Leads can be exported at any time and then uploaded to any CRM system. Exhibitors can easily measure booth staff performance and boost productivity. Combined with Targeted Offers, DoubleDutch provides a complete view of the lead history that gives exhibitors better data and analytics for the sources, behaviors and product interest of their leads.

In addition, DoubleDutch is also announcing a partnership with Freeman, the world’s largest brand experience company. Freeman will offer preferred access to DoubleDutch’s mobile event technology platform to its customers. Freeman's customers who choose to deploy a DoubleDutch mobile app through the partnership will gain immediate access to a dedicated team of implementation, service and support professionals.

See additional thoughts on DoubleDutch for Exhibitors from Lawrence here.


DoubleDutch provides mobile applications and performance analytics for events, conferences, and trade shows for more than 1,300 customers including SAP, UBM, and Urban Land Institute. Founded in 2011, DoubleDutch was recently named to Deloitte’s 500 fastest growing companies in North America, Inc. 5000’s fastest growing private companies, AlwaysOn’s Global 250 best-of-breed private companies in SaaS and Enterprise, and Forbes’ list of 10 hot companies to work for in San Francisco. DoubleDutch is based in the Mission District of San Francisco with regional offices in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, and Portland.

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