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The Only Way to Engage

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The first event app to bring engagement and event performance together to make events memorable, measurable, and more successful.

Get Off-the-Charts Engagement

Turn your attendees into fans by offering the most interactive app experience possible.

Make Smarter

Proactively listen to attendee-generated data in the app to make informed decisions.

Provide the Highest Value

Deliver more value to your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors — pre, during, and post event.

Plan for Success

Get your event app ready in no time. From app set up to app promotion, you’re equipped for success from the very start. More


Configure App

  • Customize the branding fully so the app looks and feels like your own.
  • Configure the layout exactly the way you want, for any type of event.
  • Switch settings on or off easily, like open registration and digest emails.

Populate Content

  • Cover all your event essentials, like Agenda, Profiles, Maps, and more.
  • Input all your content quickly, through spreadsheets, integration with registration systems, or even with our help.
  • Make quick updates on-the-fly, so attendees always have the most up-to-date info.

Promote Downloads

  • Send Welcome Emails with just a few clicks to invite attendees to download your app.
  • Track app installs and find out if you need to do more promotion before event day.
  • Display app download instructions on many large screens during your event. More

"Without question, this is the best event app I've ever seen. The social aspects of the app are done very well, and participation is naturally encouraged. DoubleDutch delivered."

David Kelly, Program Director, The eLearning Guild

Make it Engaging and Memorable

Get the most interactive event app your attendees won’t forget. With next-generation networking tools and a personalized experience, engaging with content and other attendees comes naturally. More

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  • Create memorable, shared experiences with an interactive Activity Feed.
  • Facilitate networking based on interests, titles, and more with Attendee Profiles.
  • Empower attendees to connect and initiate meetings with Topic Channels and Direct Messaging.
  • Use Live Polling to encourage participation during sessions. More
  • Uncover top attendee questions with Live Q&A.
  • Increase completion rates with Surveys that are easy to fill out. More
  • Incentivize the right behaviors (and friendly competition) with Gamification points and achievements.
  • Set up a Leaderboard to give attendees visibility among their peers.
  • Display what’s trending in the app, from photos to status updates, on large monitors across the show with Game Day. More
  • Upload Documents and ensure attendees have the right resources at their fingertips.
  • Leverage Promoted Posts to make timely announcements in the Activity Feed.
  • Deliver updates with Push Notifications even when users are not in the app and use beacons to push info based on a user’s location.
  • Let attendees create a personal Agenda and see where they need to be at a glance. More
  • Provide timely reminders in the Activity Feed so attendees don’t miss a thing.
  • Prompt attendees to rate and review speakers and sessions when opinions are fresh.

Build a Powerful Revenue Channel

Monetize your app and give your biggest sources of revenue not only new ways to generate and track quality leads, but also more reasons to renew.

For Sponsors

Keep your sponsors happy. From Promoted Posts to Sponsored App Sections, provide opportunities for your sponsors to get in front of attendees and unlock new revenue streams at your event. More

For Exhibitors

Turn your event into a powerful lead generating opportunity for exhibitors. Offer a way to target the right audience with personalized messages, easily scan and qualify leads, and generate more face-to-face conversations. More

Do it Again with Confidence

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Don’t just settle for data, get meaningful, real-time insights on your event’s performance across your entire event lifecycle. Start making smarter decisions and be confident that your event is worth doing again. More


Pre-Event Analytics

Get pre-event info you can’t get anywhere else. View app downloads and active users before your event begins. Then decide if you need to send another email reminder or push notifications to spark engagement.

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Performance During Event

Now you can gauge how well your event is going with actual data. Monitor attendee happiness throughout event day or compare your engagement to other events of the same type and size.

Since you’re curating content generated by your attendees, you’ll understand what’s most important to your attendees. Monitor trending words and hashtags and tap into discussions that are most relevant.

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Post-Event Insights

No more flying blind. Identify your most popular and influential attendees, learn which sessions and speakers received the highest ratings, and more. Use this info to build your playbook and make your next event even better.

With insights from Event Performance, not only will you have the info you need to optimize your event, but you’ll also prove that there’s more to event success than just registration numbers.

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